What is the Center for Sacramento History?

Founded in 1953, the Center for Sacramento History is the historical research and education center for the Sacramento region. The Center’s collections are held in the public trust and reflect the many aspects of the social, economic, political, geographic and cultural history of the region.

The Center is the official repository for the archival records of local government; the long-term care of these public documents is often required by state and federal law. We also maintain privately donated manuscripts and personal papers from individuals, businesses and organizations in the community. The Center’s museum collections are artifacts, or three-dimensional objects, which also document the lives and activities of the residents of the Sacramento region.

Center staff members maintain the museum and archival collections, making the material available for study and use by the public. The staff also creates exhibitions and displays for the Sacramento History Museum and public areas of local government buildings.

All monetary donations given to the Tower Records Project are administered by the Center’s nonprofit, the Sacramento History Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to making Sacramento’s history accessible to all.

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